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BorderBound Voice over IP Solutions
Voice over IP (VoIP) is all the buzz these days, with the promise of cost savings and flexibility. There are a large number of hardware providers that have stepped up to deliver their solution. A simple internet search will turn up so many returns, it can be overwhelming. We have a couple here, and a fair list for starters.
Stay current, read
Check out VoIPNews Hardware Center for hardware info. You can also see Cisco's offering for the SMB market.
Curious about what kind of connection it would take to provide enough bandwidth to replace your current voice lines? Use this handy calculator from Voice over IP Calculator to get a good approximation. Be sure to read the Brief Instructons below the calculator to understand what you're figuring and general guidelines.
With just those links above, you can source reliable hardware, technical data, and calculate how much bandwidth you need to operate the number of voice paths you have. For example, a typical small business with 6 voice paths will function over 144 kbps of bandwidth with a Cisco 7902G phone.

Get a handle on telecom expenses by answering a couple questions:

Who is your local carrier? How long?

What did they offer that prompted you to chose them? (eg. cost, service)

Are you getting the latest technology info from your current vendors
to help your business?

Do you have a web site, plans to develop a web site, or plans to
expand your web presence?

Do you use a voicemail system?

How many locations do you have?

Besides price, what other motivating factors are there for you to consider in making a change in your telecom provider? Be as descriptive as you can.

Want to look at how VoIP can save your company money? We can meet with you at your office and assess your phone systems & current communications needs. We'll tell you how VoIP can fit your business and your budget. Send is the questionnaire above or call us: 612-643-3535



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