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BorderBound Server Solutions

We start with Unix-based technologies for security. A Unix-based solution is more cost-effective and efficient than a Windows-based security solution. Besides expensive licensing requirements, a Windows-based system will need to run on more expensive equipment due to large application and OS overhead needs.

Web Server systems from BorderBound are built to run without problems, hacks, interruptions, or downtime. While every system benefits from regular maintenance, Web Servers built by BorderBound are often allowed to simply run and run with minimal intervention. Plus we can custom develop commerce servers that tie-in to your back-end accounting systems. Web Servers that sell for you 24 / 7 / 365 with no downtime is reliability you can expect from BorderBound.

E-Mail Servers are built using secure, stable Unix-based e-mail applications. We use trusted and secure technologoes to utilize containment and internal protection. Even IF someone could hack the machine, they wouldn't go far because we configure our email servers to isolate the intruder and protect the other, unaffected accounts.

We also build Webmail features into E-Mail Servers that can handle hundreds and thousands of concurrent webmail accounts with no problems or hiccups. This is perfect for ISP's, schools with student & alumni email accounts, non-profit organizations & affiliate programs, and retailers who want to offer webmail convenience to customers. Call or e-Mail us for more information & a consultation. We can custom-build a server quickly.

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