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their client's office networks.   

Security Systems from BorderBound 
are like an army that protect your 
office network 24/7/365

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BorderBound Security Systems

Our focus is on Unix-based technologies for security. We believe a Unix-based security solution is more cost-effective and efficient than a Windows-based security solution. Beside the excessively expensive licensing requirements, a Windows-based system will need to run on more expensive equipment. Too much application and OS overhead.

Firewall systems from BorderBound are an exceptionally good barrier to outside intrusions and malicious attacks. Hackers can't use their bag of Windows tricks trying to get past our sentry. And with regular updates and monitoring, it's darned near impossible to even muster a crack in the wall. Protection should be effective and affordable.

V-P-N solutions are the add-on for our Firewall systems. This allows authorized and authenicated users to access your internal LAN from the outside. They enter through what amounts to a secure "tunnel" to navigate on the office LAN as if they're in the office. But they're not. This is great for traveling personnel who have to access company information, log expenses, and access files. It also provides flexibility for administrative staff who want to work PT from home.

BorderBound provides network security systems for office networks that protect and defend. That means more productivity from employees inside & outside the office. You get it with security systems from BorderBound. Call or e-Mail us for more information & a consultation.

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