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Network Consultants can rely on 
BorderBound Networks to add 
strength to their client's 
office networks.

Filtering Systems from BorderBound 
are like a pack wolves that 
quickly devour unwanted e-Mail 
and illicit browsing.

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BorderBound Networks
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BorderBound Network Filters

Our focus is on Unix-based technologies for filtering. Unix-based, meaning Unix, Linux, xBSD, Solaris; no Windows or Mac. Not that we don't like them, but we're not a Mac shop. And Windows, while being an ubiquitous OS, carries excessively expensive licensing requirements we don't need.

E-Mail and Web filtering systems from BB Networks block "spam", keep internal users from sites they shouldn't visit, and retain the integrity of your office network. This works with your acceptable-use policy and save employee's time by eliminating excess garbage messages.

Our Web filtering systems are made to fit within your company guidelines. We can block both inbound and outbound web traffic based on URL. You name, we'll block it. Plus we're constantly updating various lists that include the nastiest, most aggressively bad sites on the internet. Keeping out undesirable web traffic and eliminating the temptation to visit them is what our web filters do. That's why businesses, schools, network consultants and VAR's come to us. We make it happen.

Our e-Mail filters stop "spam" from clogging company e-Mail boxes. We work with you and your employees to implement the most effective and efficient e-Mail filter. We implement server-side and workstation mail-filtering systems that work in tandem to dramatically reduce the amount of "spam" hitting your network. Less junk e-Mail means more productivity. You get it with filtering systems from BorderBound. Call or e-Mail us for more information & a consultation.

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