BorderBound Network Solutions is actively recruiting individuals for projects all over the US.
612-643-3535 The disciplines we currently are searching for include: 612-643-3535
  • Project Management
  • Oracle Developer / Architect
  • Software Engineer (.Net)
  • Unix Admin. (Solaris)
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • SAP Project Manager
  • Oracle DBA (Administrator)

We are currently registered with LinkedIn and welcome your invitation to become mutual contacts.

We have projects with Fortune 1000 clients all over the country and we're always looking for technical talent to assist with projects.

BorderBound Networks
5903 Bryant Lane
IGH, MN 55076 
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BorderBound Systems Solutions, BorderBound Networks.  

contact BorderBound Sales @ 612-643-3535 or better yet, send us an invite through LinkedIn to

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