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LAN/WAN Systems by BorderBound
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BorderBound LAN / WAN Systems

LAN / WAN systems from BorderBound are an excellent way to expand your office network or campus-wide network systems without paying an arm and a leg.

Wireless systems from BorderBound are an economic alternative to wired networks. Your network expands to meet future needs without cabling (and all that drilling and snaking wires over ceiling tile). And with fast installation and configuration, it's usually done in less than a day. Growing your network should be efficient and affordable.

Wired networks from BorderBound provides office networks with an exceptionally solid and secure LAN environment. If you're moving into an office space with a new build-out, call or e-Mail us for more information & a consultation on how we can build-in your LAN.

WAN systems from BorderBound connect multiple LANs within a campus environment (such as mutiple school or office buildings). Take advantage of a single internet connection serving multiple LANs by "connecting" through a WAN system from BorderBound.

You get professionalism, cooperation, and dependable service from BorderBound. We're happy to work side-by-side with your technical staff and consultants to get things setup quickly and correctly the first time.

call or e-Mail us for more information & a consultation on how we can help your LAN / WAN.

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